Ohana's reservation suggestions!

Hi! We are going Nov. 13 to 21st! Attending MVMCP on the 16th! Is it worth the extra money for 4 people? Also - I am having the hardest time getting a dinner reservation at Ohana's that week...we are celebrating 4 birthdays, so I am TRYING as we love it there!! Any suggestions?!! Thanks;)

Unfortunately that's a free dining week so ADR's at the most popular places are going to be fairly tough, just keep trying and keep an eye out here for liners that may be cancelling one. Haven't done MVMCP ourselves but we will be this year. I think if you're into Christmas it will be a lot of fun.

I was told to try at the 45 day mark since that it when people have to pay in full or cancel. I will arrive on Nov 21st, and I have several ADRs I'm still trying to get. Best of luck!!