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I have a 5:15pm 'Ohana reservation for 6 (2 adults and kids 12, 10, 7, and almost 2) on 7/23. Is there enough to do at Poly to keep us busy until the MK fireworks start?


You might be seated late, and 'Ohana can be a long meal, because of the sheer quantity of food. If you find yourselves with lots of free time, you could always take a loop on the resort monorail to kill some time before heading back to Poly to watch the fireworks. I’m not sure quite how much there is to do at the resort itself, but the grounds are pretty, and there’s a gift shop you can loiter in.


Good advice from @theredhead about the Resort Monorail. Also, don’t forget about the Electrical Water Pageant, WDW’s oldest parade http://allears.net/tp/ewp.htm

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Love the Electrical Water Pageant. Also, You can go hunting for Hidden Mickeys also! http://www.hiddenmickeys.org/wdw/Resorts/Polynesian.html

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