Ohana Reopening

I have heard some really bad things about the reopening of Ohana. Has anyone been there since it reopened? I am going in Sept and wondering if it is a skip or go?

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Same. I made reservations, but not sure if I’ll keep

Bad things like…bugs and rodents? Or, bad things like poor service and food quality???

Liners have been giving it good reviews over on WDW Chat. Maybe ask over there to be sure?

Food, quality, The meats selections are poor, the noodles still good, and service is still lacking. Overall, not worth the cost.

Hey around here we call that a character greeting
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Do you have a link?

There’s an app (Lines) but this is the link for the web browser version. http://m.touringplans.com/wdw#_index

I had it booked, but cancelled. It’s a lesser experience than it had been, but still has an extreme price tag. For $55 I’d rather go to a signature restaurant for a much better meal and experience.

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I was extremely close to skipping it based on the recent reviews (I have never been), but we are staying at the Poly and dd who has very much been “whatever you want to do, it’s your trip Mom” for all of the planning …told me that she would like to eat there.

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I’m staying there too, but we ultimately decided to go to DS that night since HEA wouldn’t be running that night.

It crossed my mind to do the same but…

  • It is our arrival day.
  • We have never stayed at the Poly before.
  • We will be doing a few hours at MK because I just don’t feel like I am at WDW until I walk down Main Street.
  • Easier to do a late dinner and walk to the room than travel to/from DS after MK closes at 8pm.
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When is your arrival? Can you post to let us know your thoughts?

We arrive on 9/30 so still another 64 days!

Bummer, I am going 9/3

We traditionally have breakfast there. No characters right now, but same food. We did it on our first Disney day and were happy enough with it that we did it on our last day again. Except the last day they had no POG juice :frowning: With 7:30 reservations, we still made it before rope drop. Not right at the rope, but still pretty close to the front.

You made MK’s rope drop?

MK opens at 9am and our day there is 10/2. With the 30min early entry I am expecting we need to be there by 7:45ish. I don’t think we could squeeze in a table service breakfast.

I have an ADR for 'Ohana for 2 people on 10/1 at 6:30pm that I no longer need if anyone is interested in coordating when I cancel it?

Yes. We ate, took the boat over and were at the hub spoke by 8:35. The day we did 7DMT, we were almost back to the hub, but not too bad. Unfortunately, it opened late, but once it opened we were on in 25 minutes. Of course, we did not have to contend with the 30 min early entry.

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I think we will just end up doing Capt Cooks since they open at 7am vs 7:30am.

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