Ohana or Topolino's Breakfast

I can not seem to make up my mind if I want to do Ohana’s or Topolino’s breakfast on our departure day in late April. It will be me, DH, and DD2.5. DD likes the characters equally and we have never been to either. Would probably buy DD her own meal at Topolino’s which would be an extra $27+, but the extra would be worth it for good food!

Topolino hands down.

The food is 10x better than 'Ohana (which is not bad but is nothing special)

The setting is gorgeous

The character interaction is top notch.


Argh, now I’m going to have to fit in Topolino’s somehow! It’s just so hard to pull ourselves away from F&W.

I know. I really want my family to enjoy it in April, but I’m not sure we will fit it in. I did have a reservation for almost every morning at one point. Oops. I’m a hoarder. But now I hold only one and I’m hoping we can use it.

I think that my MIL will probably appreciate this one more than Chef Mickey’s!

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Agree with @OBNurseNH … 'Ohana breakfast is umm, Meh!