O'hana or California grill for dinner during MK fireworks?

We currently have dinner reservations for a June trip at California Grill in the Contemporary for our first night to dine and view fireworks. We are staying at the Polynesion and have read a lot of good things about O’hana also. So what everyone thinks of California Grill compared to O’hana? Which offers the best food and best views of the fireworks? Should I try to change my reservations? (Travelling with my husband, 11 yo, and 7 yo).

'Ohana is fun and the food can be good but California Grill is a signature restaurant. The food is very good and the view is very special.

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I believe that not all the tables at 'Ohana have a good view of the fireworks.

My vote is also Cali Grill. The viewing platforms offer optimal viewing. The music and choreography are in perfect sync. It was amazing to see them from that angle.

The two don’t really even compare. California grill not only gives you an amazing view from the rooftop but the food is outstanding.

No question but that the Ca Grill is the way to go.

Yep, I vote CA Grill too. went there last year and the view you can get from both the restaurant and their rooftop observation area is stunning.

Thank you!

Just went to both restaurants a couple of weeks ago and the view is amazing from Cal. grill. The
food was very disappointing. The seafood ramen noodles were total mush and the waygu beef is good
but an appetizer size portion. The desserts were pretty good. If you are really hungry maybe order
a salad or appetizer. Ohana on the other hand the food is really good and you will not leave hungry
Don’t know if the view for watching fireworks is very good. We would never go back to Cal. grill.
Hope you have a better meal experience.

Surprised to see this… our food was amazing. We had the heirloom tomato flat bread as an appetizer, the pork two ways which was amazing, the bell and evans chicken which was also very good and the banana fritters for dessert. We loved everything about our meal at CG. The view was just the icing on the cake.