Ohana or BOG

I have reservations at BOG our first day there and also have reservations at BOG our last day there. However, I just thought about it and wanted to do a “fun” meal our last day there. I tried to get night reservations at BOG and…well, you know how that goes. So, I just made reservations at Ohana at 8am. Our BOG reservation is at 12:55, so that’s not enough time in between to be hungry again, so should I just cancel? OR since Ohana is at 8am, I will most likely not make it to rope drop, so am I better off cancelling Ohana and just keeping BOG for a lunch/air conditiong break?
I don’t really want to leave the park since it’s our last day, which is why I chose breakfast. NTM we don’t have ANY breakfast plans while we’re there, so I thought it might be a fun switch.

Also, if Ohana is the one to keep, the reservation is at 8, but they have 7:30 available. I don’t want to FORCE everyone out of bed too early, so that’s why I chose 8, but I’m thinking we’d get to MK not too long after rope drop if we actually went at 7:30, so what are the odds of them seating us early if we show up early?

I know…I make things SO complicated.

My family loved the 'Ohana breakfast. It’s a great last hurrah special meal. If you decide to do that one, then I suggest that you decide to make a 1/2 morning of it and enjoy it to the fullest. I think the experience is worth missing some park time. If you can get the family up early, 7:30 will give you a bit more time, but it’s probably not worth a struggle. You’ll miss rope drop either way. 'Ohana can be a slow character meal. It’s worth it, but time consuming. (I’m defining rope drop as arriving 45 minutes before park opening so you’re at the front of the pack.)

You know your family best. Will they enjoy the food and characters and think the meal is special? Or would they prefer repeating headliners that first hour of park time? If you know they’ll be all about the rides, then rope drop with a sit-down break at BOG for lunch is a great last day too.

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About how long would you estimate breakfast? We have a 7:30am reservation and I was planning on getting to MK right before rope drop. Is this not possible?


I do think you’d probably get to MK around 9:00. 90 minutes seems like a reasonable estimate for a character breakfast. You could do 60 minutes if you’re willing to skip a character or two, but I wouldn’t want to rush a nice meal. However, 9:00 is later than front-of-the-pack rope drop.

I haven’t done MK since they changed the welcome show park opening procedures, but my understanding is that they now open up the Main Street area at 8:00 on days when the park opens at 9:00. People can eat breakfast, shop on Main Street and queue up at the ropes blocking off the different lands. They do the new welcome show in front of the castle at 8:50 (or maybe 8:55?) and then open the park. So rope drop would mean arriving as soon after 8 as possible and positioning yourself inside the park near whatever attraction you want to do first.

Neither of your 'Ohana breakfast times would allow for that. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a fun morning! I imagine the bag check and tap stile lines should be less bunched up from 8-10 than they used to be because of the new procedures. So if you do 'Ohana breakfast, just pick the time that works for you, enjoy breakfast, and go into MK when you’re ready.

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How many RD days do you have for MK?

If it were me, I’d skip Ohana breakfast, eat on Main Street when it opens at 8:00 am and be ready for RD. RD is invaluable.

If I wanted to keep the Ohana breakfast, i would do the 7:30 am, force everyone out of bed early and would take a taxi to get there - which will cut your transportation time down drastically.

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Or you could have a morning snack, do RD and after a couple hours of touring do one of the last breakfast reservations at Ohana (as of a few months ago I think 11:45 am?).

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So, the first day we get there around 10 am and we will be going to MK…the following day, we are spending the whole day at MK and doing RD…would you STILL say Ohana is not worth it to miss RD and early morning at MK? Even though I’m already going to do it another day?

I think you’ll get 50/50 answers on this. It really depends on your priorities, and what you enjoy. I like a balance - some rope drop mornings and some sleep-in/breakfast mornings. It is true that the first hour or two of each day are the best, least busy times to experience lots of attractions. If you want to maximize rides, then rope drop is invaluable. But that doesn’t have to be the only priority. It’s YOUR vacation. There are no bad choices in my opinion, just different plans and priorities. As long as you know what you’re getting and giving up, do what makes sense for your family. I know, that’s not really an answer. :wink:


With 3 days at MK, that’s at least 9 FPP (possible 4th or 5th on your whole day there) and a whole RD morning to hit popular rides for a second ride (or first ride with later FPP being the 2nd). I probably wouldn’t skip RD to eat QS or a regular mickey waffle somewhere but the experience of Ohana is probably worth it (I say probably as we’ve only been there for dinner). Just pick and enjoy whatever you choose.

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This is exactly the answer!! It’s their vacation.

For us, dining in Disney is just as important as riding rides. With 3 days of FPP, I would probably keep my ADR at Ohana but only if I was interested in meeting Lilo & Stitch. If I didn’t care for Lilo & Stitch, then I would skip Ohana breakfast.

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