Ohana or Artist Point for dinner before MNSSHP?

We will be getting an early dinner on our trip in October before heading to MNSSHP. Currently we have reservations for Ohana @ 3:30, but I have a reservation finder for Artist Point. I have 3 daughters 9, 6, and 2.5. Which would you recommend? We will have a vehicle so driving to a location isn’t a huge deal!

'Ohana was a letdown for us. I would choose Artist Point especially with 3 daughters. We haven’t been, but it is on the list for next time. Are your girls picky eaters? The only complaint I have heard about AP is that it can be difficult for picky kids to find something they like.

Never mind about menu for picky eaters. I just looked and they have chicken tenders and pasta. That would satisfy my extremely picky children!

The youngest are picky eaters, but would eat pasta and chicken tenders!!!

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We did both our last trip. AP is, in my opinion, better quality food. But it’ll take longer. I think we were in and out of Ohana within an hour. It was closer to two with AP. Also, AP doesn’t open for dinner until 4 (I think?) so I don’t know what time you’re aiming to be in MK but the timing may not work for your party. If it does fit into your time frame I’d recommend AP. It gives you an excuse to check out WL which is beautiful and the evil queen by herself made the character interaction worth it for us!


Also, I believe @OBNurseNH included in her review of AP a note about picky eaters. She had said that because the meal price point was higher and her kids were picky it reduced the overall of the meal for her family.

I’ve never been to Artist Point, but I did dine at 'Ohana at the end of February. It was awesome. I had read reviews about how they try to rush you through your meal and out the door, but I didn’t experience that at all. Drinks were always filled, and the plates were always full of food. We sat a great big round table in the corner. The food tasted great. The only problem I had with 'Ohana was that our server never cracked a smile. Ironically, I did watch an 'Ohana review on Youtube where my server was the server in the video, and she never smiled in the video either.

Yes we would need to get as close to 4:00 as possible! I wasn’t sure how long the dinner would be at AP, that was one of my hold ups. Our current reservation for Ohana is at 3:30 so that would put us at MK in plenty of time!

Yes - AND because my kids are Disney adults. We paid the adult fixed price cost and they got pasta with red sauce :roll_eyes:

I should be fair and say that this would extend to most fixed price experiences at this time. Though at many other locations they do eat quite a bit more than here, where the food was too fussy for their liking.

I on the other hand LOVED my meal.

I see that OP’s kids are all under age 10. The value for the cost will be greater for her family than for mine.

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We are on the dining plan as well, so it is what it is!

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I am not planning a TS meal on our MNSSHP day. Not sure we want to get filled up when so many limited time treats are available during the party. I don’t want to lose out 4-6pm fast pass times. Not sure we want to go to a nice restaurant in costumes.

Our plan is to sleep in, relax during the day, Maybe do 10am mini golf. We would leave for the park at 3pm. We will hit a halloween themed QS restaurant during the party and save the TS credits for a PPO breakfast on another day.

Its near the end of our trip and we are doing Illuminations the night before, so DS7 and DS9 will probably benefit from a slower paced day if we expect to stay up late.

We do a late lunch on a party day, around 2pm

Yea we are sleeping in on party day and I know Geyser Point doesn’t get a lot of love, but I think we are going to go over to WL mid afternoon and eat at GP around 2:30 and head to park afterwards

I made my daughters some T-Shirts for the party and the will wear a skirt with it. We went to the party before and they aren’t in to dressing up for the party. They get hot and end up taking their costumes off. I was hoping with having the first reservation for Ohana Dinner we would be able to get in and out relatively quickly and make it to the park at a decent time. We will focus more on the parade and trick or treating and not the rides.

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That makes total sense. The age is so crazy low for Disney adults.

And I’d agree with your review. I LOVED my meal!

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AP is a great use of one dining credit on the dining plan.

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