Ohana food at dinner

The last time I was at Ohana for dinner was in 2008 and I found most everything too sweet. I’m a big fan of eating at the Poly and then catching the MK fireworks out back. We’ve always liked Kona, but with my toddler, I thought Ohana would be fun to try again. Is everything still very sweet? Is it a sauce that I can request on the side?

PS I LOVE their bread pudding and always ask for it at Kona!

We were there a few weeks ago…hmm. Now that you mention it, a lot of the stuff in the initial skillet was a little sweet - specifically the noodles and the pot stickers, both of which I ate a tonne of, so clearly it didn’t bother me. The veggies weren’t sweet. For the meat, though, I wouldn’t say any of it was sweet (although I didn’t try the shrimp) nor were the side sauces.


Great. I thought I remembered the meat being sweet too, but maybe I remembered wrong or it has changed. Thanks!