'Ohana dinner

I read lots of the review of the 'ohana dinner, most of them said the food is good , the service is bad, and you have to wait for a long time for seated.
Since I already make a ADR at 8:25 PM, I start to worry about how long we will be seated while everyone want to stay for the fireworks.
If it is available, what time will you suggest to book for the 'Ohana dinner and have a chance to watch the fireworks of MK ?

PS. The same day we will go to AK, it start to have the show " river of the light" since last month. So here is another question: Ohana dinner with MK fireworks vs River of the light ?

When is your trip? Will it be Wishes or the new show?

April 27, only wishes :sob:
But this is my first time to WDW, everything is new to me~

Will you see Wishes from inside the park in another day?

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yes, I will !!
My daughter love the BBQ food and someone told me the Ohana has great BBQ and drink. I made a ADR at 8:25 PM about 150 days ago, the"river of the light" was not presented at schedule at that time :scream::confounded:

In that case, I would do Rivers of Light. With the dining package if you can, so you don’t have to get a fastpass for it.

If you weren’t going to be seeing Wishes at any other time I would have said Ohana.

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I am trying to change my ADR to 6 PM, keep my daughters 'a wish of BBQ and hope I can go back to AK for the River of the light on time

You will not get into RoL without a dining package or fast pass. The stand by line may be an option for the second show, but that would be stressful for me. I do not know if I would describe 'Ohana as a BBQ restaurant. AK has Flametree and it is a quick service BBQ. Don’t get me wrong- I enjoy 'Ohana. RoL is not a “Disney” show. There are no characters. I think of it as a “animal kingdom show”. I loved it and would go again.


I’m going to agree to go with ROL. Save MK fireworks for a night that you’ll be in the park.
Agree with @PrincipalTinker re: bbq. Though the meats are cooked on open flames on skewers, they are not what would be typically considered bbq. In fact, the shrimp, although my favorite of the 3 proteins, had a rather spicy rub that I think most kids would not find appealing.
If you are looking for traditional bbq with sauces, FlameTree is the place.


Thank you so much!
So should I change my Ohana plan to Tusker house with RoL package?
My friend say the buffet is very similar between the character restaurants in
park, and I already had ADRs of Hollywood & Vine and Crystal palace.

Or I just go to the Rainforest Cafe for a different experience? I only stay in the WDW for 4 days and so many things I want to see and try…:yum:

If the RoL is so hard to get in, and Ohana may not a better choice, and it’s our first day to US and Orlando (we may have jet-lag), would you suggest us just to visit the Disney spring at dinner time and go back to our resort (PORs) directly from there and forget about the RoL and Ohana ?

Do you think it worth to have the Tusker + RoL package ? Do you know how much is add on to the lunch price for the RoL package?
Thank you

If you can get a Rivers of lunch dining package it is less than $10 extra. On the dining plan it is one credit.

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Unfortunately I don’t have the Dining Plan…But I get your point.
I already made the RoL package and will have lunch at Tusker house and cancelled the 'Ohana :sweat:
Thanks for your great help !


We ate at Tusker House last April and it was one of our favorites! Getting the RoL fastpass is an awesome bonus! The food is wonderful and there’s a lot to choose from. The kids loved the character parade and getting to dance with all the characters. This was our favorite character meal with Mickey and friends. I would choose this over Chef Mickey’s EVERY time!

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