'Ohana Dinner...Yay or Nay

I was able to score a 5:25 dinner reservation at 'Ohana for next week. I’ve heard conflicting reports about the quality of service (e.g. rush the food to the table, drinks take forever, refills on food and drink aren’t forthcoming, servers are hard to track down, rush you out of the restaurant). What’s the typical service like?

We didn’t have an issue with service and thought food was good. And we are foodies. If anything took longer than expected to be seated. But I highly recommend

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We are returning this week. I have never been disappointed.


We love 'Ohana. I’ve read the same thing about it taking forever to be seated but it usually only takes 10-15 minutes for us.

We don’t care for Ohana, breakfast (the food and service) or dinner. At dinner, we enjoyed the bread, bread pudding and noodles. The rest was meh. At breakfast, all the food was meh and our server was definitely difficult to track down. That was also the longest wait to be seated out of all our ADRs, probably 20-30 minutes. Our dinner server was much better. But if you haven’t tried it, then do it. You may enjoy it and have a different experience than we have.

It was a Yay for my family! We were told there would be a wait for dinner, so we enjoyed a drink in the lounge. Perfect start! All I can say is pace yourself! It is served family style, so it is all brought to the table. We could have happily filled up on just what was on the table! Luckily we knew the skewers of deliciousness were on their way, so we tried…tried to save room. Yum! Unfortunately, we enjoyed a bit too much and were not able to fully enjoy the awesome dessert! It was very busy but we did not feel rushed or overlooked. We would definitely go again!

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We have had dinner at Ohana four times with the last time being August 2018. I was concerned prior to our 2017 visit because there was a lot of reports of rushed/poor service. Fortunately we were not rushed and have had good service every visit.

It’s a yay from us!

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Yay also from us.

We’ve been twice. I learned a lot from the first time we went.
First: We had a crappy table. So, on our 2nd visit I made sure to request a table that was more in the action, in the main area of the restaurant.
Second: You set the pace! As the customer, you can be firm and polite in your preferences. Things such as requesting a pitcher of your beverage or that you’d like frequent refills.
Last: It’s all you care to enjoy - that includes dessert! If you still have room and would like to linger, they are happy to bring another serving of that fabulous bread pudding.

Enjoy yourselves!

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We have been there 6 times and every time has been amazing. The service has always been very good. Last time we went we were a party of 12 with 3 people who have gluten intolerance (celiac). They went out of their way to explain everything to those of us who had the gluten intolerance. The food came quickly and many offers for more. As a large party at 5:30 I would have expected them to try to rush us through the meal. We did not get rushed at all and as I said they came back several times to offer us more food. Having been there that many times over the years and have always had an incredible experience.

Love Ohana. Great service and food. Enjoyed by all —kids, parents, grandparents.

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We had a reservation last saturday, got there and canceled. the place seemed so busy, and the bartender at the lounge completely avoided me, wouldn’t even make eye contact. We were starved, tired and decided to let the receptionist know we would cancel. she was more than understanding since she had no idea when our name would be called. We went downstairs to Capt cooks and had some really good noodle and wings, and I got the beer I was wanting. I still want to try it, just maybe not on a weekend.

We are in camp YAY! In fact, looking forward to it for our next trip. DH requests it everytime we go. and they have a hidden picky child menu to choose from - just ask if that’s something you need.

We never feel rushed. Never have issues with food. Although by the time the meat comes, I’ve usually filled up on other stuff. That’s not their fault.

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We are also in the yay group!!
We definitely have had to wait past our ADR, but once seated we have had great service and enjoyed the food.

Breakfast was excellent. Never did dinner. Gluten/dairy free waffles are better tasting and texture than the regular ones. Service was great. They are very attentive to allergies. Veggie dish my vegetarian daughter received was delicious, too. Characters are great as well.

I was able to get a 3:40 reservation for our Easter Break trip. I am wondering whether to keep it because I have two daughters that are ages 11 & 13 that hardy eat much. Since they are considered adults as far as Disney rates go I’m concerned I will be paying a high rate for them to eat 1 pot sticker. Is the experience and atmosphere worth the price?

The bread pudding and ice cream are worth the price! The kiddos should love it, if you can get them to try it. I My picky eaters enjoyed the pineapple bread, noodles, and some of the protein options, and the dessert of course!
Did they eat enough to warrant adult price? maybe not, …definitely not, but I would still do it again because we love it there. But I have also booked Storybook dining at artist point for this August and know they may not eat an adult portion but for the $20 difference IMO is worth it for the experience. And I am always hopeful they just might try something new too with the Disney Magic in the air!
Have a great trip!

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I agree that the kids might try new stuff and enjoy it.

So 'Ohana was a success. The food was great. The service was great. We ended up getting the best table in the restaurant. It was a great way to start off our vacation.