Ohana Dinner - how long

We ate at Ohana for breakfast on our last trip so we could meet Stitch. It was a good meal. We would like to have dinner there on our next trip. Planning out our week, for location it would fit nicely on our MK day. We need a break by 3:00 anyway. If we get a very early reservation (aim for 4:00) how long should I plan to be there? We want to go back to MK after dinner. Thanks!

They, at times, can run late so I would plan 90 minutes. There are reports they have tried to “rush” people (I have never had that experience. It usually takes us about an hour once seated.


I agree with @PrincipalTinker! Given a 4:00 ADR time I wouldn’t imagine you having to wait for a table but I always ere on the side of giving myself too much time to eat than too short! Then I’m pleasantly surprised when we finish ahead of schedule. It’s all about tricking my brain to make it think I’m ahead. :laughing:


Thank you! That’s what I was looking for. I didn’t know if dinner took an hour or an hour and a half. This seems like it could work on our MK day if we get an early dinner.

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At 4:00, you could be in and out in an hour. I’d plan on 90 minutes just to be safe.

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