'Ohana Breakfast or Dinner

Which would you choose 'Ohana for breakfast or dinner?

Trying to prep for ADR day (still 30 days out), I have had 'Ohana on my plan because I remember breakfast there from my own previous trips when I was a kid. I haven’t been to Disney in around 18 years.

I know that breakfast is a character meal and dinner is not. I hear people say great things about the dinner too.

With probably adding in EMM at MK during the trip I am debating either:

  1. really late breakfast on the day with EMM
  2. Dinner on one of the nights
  3. potentially dropping it all together and finding something else

I did Ohana breakfast last June and I’m planning on doing it again this July.

I thought the food was good — and plentiful! The character interaction was fun — one of my all-time favourite photos was taken there. And I liked the restaurant physically: lots of picture windows with great views.

I’ve never done dinner there: it doesn’t interest me.

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We’ve tried both breakfast and dinner and were not impressed with the food or service at either. The salad and bread pudding at dinner were the best items. The POG juice was good at breakfast, but we also got that at the HEA dessert party and GG breakfast. The views are beautiful and the characters are fun at breakfast.

Meanwhile, we’ve only done dinner. Potstickers to die for, noodles for days, tender meats, sweet bread, and bread pudding dessert. OMG I’m so full just thinking of it. Such a special way to start our vacation!


We really enjoy both meals. We do breakfast often because DS loves Stitch. I like that the food at breakfast is served family style and isn’t a buffet. Dinner is awesome too. The bread pudding is so good.

I will say that I personally wouldn’t do breakfast after EMM since the breakfast at EMM is actually decent (and unlimited).

The more I am on here reading the more ideas I get for places I really want to eat and I run out of meal times.

Maybe at some point DH will give his opinion of things - I gave him the UG book with the table service restaurants marked out for him to read through.

I keep hearing from everyone about this bread pudding for dessert…

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We’ve eaten dinner at Ohana 5 or so times in the past 5 years. We’ve found it to be inconsistent with respect to service and food quality. The meats have been dry and tough. On another visit the noodles and vegetables have been overcooked and soggy. One visit was absolutely perfect -we had great service and all he food was great. We’ve not had an issue with the bread, salad, or bread pudding. In our experience those have been consistently good. I have no idea what causes this inconsistency. We’ve there for early dinners and late dinners and I haven’t uncovered a patterned. I don’t have experience with breakfast…

We have done both and loved them both. We are planning on doing both again in July. Although they are at the same restaurant, I would say you are really looking at two totally different experiences that happen to be offered in the same space. If you want to experience the food more influenced by the theme of the resort the dinner is great for that. We found the food delicious and plentiful and the experience fun. The breakfast offers a somewhat unique (one DS loves Stitch) character breakfast with better than average version of the typical Disney breakfast fare. There are a few things different about the breakfast menu- the juice and bread come to mind, but for the most part, it is stuff you would find at many Disney restaurants for breakfast. I do think the eggs, Mickey waffles, etc. are better there in part because they don’t sit out on a buffet.

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We’ve done both. Breakfast was good but nothing special food wise but the characters were great! I love the dinner just thinking of those pot stickers makes my mouth water!

Both are worth experiencing. If you don’t have huge appetites, dinner is a lot of food. I liked the noodles, shrimp and bread pudding best. We did find the meats to be on the dry side, but flavorful. Breakfast I really liked the pineapple bread but we enjoyed all the food and the characters were great. At both meal times the servers were run off their feet busy, so make sure you ask for something like a drink refill before you run out. I would repeat breakfast on a future trip but dinner was probably a one time experience for us.

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I haven’t done the breakfast but we love the dinner!!!

We absolutely loved dinner there on arrival night our last trip. So much so that we are planning to book another arrival night dinner on our next trip in 2020. The potstickers and bread pudding alone convince me!

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I adore their breakfast. I mentioned last night that I may give in and let the kids go to Chef Mickey’s our last day versus O’hana and my husband looked at me and said “I don’t want to deal with the whole flight home you complaining about missing it” The food is just so good. My fav breakfast all around at WDW. Characters are fun but not over the top. Not sure why, but their waffles and biscuits are just the best and the meat is super yummy too.
Dinner, we stay at the Poly so we get room service. I’m the only one who will eat the whole meal, the rest of my family just picks a couple pieces from it so they get something from Capt Cooks and bring it back or we eat poolside.


Have done dinner five times and breakfast once. Both are good but we prefer dinner. The breakfast is expensive for what it is mostly standard Disney breakfast fare because you are paying for character meet. For us the breakfast was great but not something we would want to do again. The dinner however has unique foods by theme park standards that for us have been mostly very good… Unfortunately our food had lacked consistency within a meal and from visit to visit. Being all you care to enjoy we just get the next round of skewers i one is off.

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I have done dinner twice in the last year - and loved it both times.

The breakfast is pretty standard, IIRC, save the characters. The dinner is the only one like it in WDW.

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I feel more and more like I need to try dinner and re-arrange other things to make this happen.

I am glad sometimes that I am the prime researcher and only one who has memories of Disney…the rest of my family does not know what they do not know so if I ditch or change something no one is any the wiser as to what they are missing out on