Ohana - Breakfast or Dinner?

Would you prefer 'Ohana for breakfast or dinner? While not opposed to a character breakfast, we aren’t big Lilo and Stich fans - more interested in which meal is more enjoyable.

We had dinner and it was amazing.
Breakfasts throughout Disney restaurants all seem pretty standard. I have not been to Ohana for breakfast. And, I likely won’t since we aren’t Lilo and Stitch fans either.

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We were in the same boat. Our kids aren’t really into Lilo and Stitch so we went with dinner. I agree with SStottlemyer that dinner was AMAZING, at least for the adults and one child in our party. Our other two children didn’t eat at all. They are both picky eaters and I knew going into the meal that it would most likely be an issue, but I wanted at least one meal that I knew my husband and I would love. It did not disappoint! Save room for the dessert. I would have held off on a second helping of chicken if I had known how tasty dessert was!

The bread pudding is to die for.

Our picky eater DD didn’t eat either. We asked for something else and they gave her a hot dog (Which she refused to eat) and then gave her chicken nuggets (which she picked at). They did what they could to satisfy her. They have other kid favorites too - mac and cheese, I think. So, don’t despair if you think a child won’t enjoy it there.

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GRR! I wish we would have asked for something else for our other two. I didn’t even think to do that. Also, bamabelle1982, when I asked my husband to list his top three things from our trip, his number 1 was dinner at 'Ohana! It beat out every other attraction, show, and meal that we had. He says it will be a must for every trip we go on.

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Dinner! Be prepared, it’s a lot of food. One of the restaurants that you can definitely get your money’s worth. In fact, we planned dinner later this month for 8:15pm so we’re not doing parks afterwards, cause we’ll be so full we won’t want to move. I’ve done breakfast there before as well. And while it’s still in my top 10 for breakfast, dinner would be my recommendation if your not looking for character interaction.

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That only bad thing is that I really enjoy it for both breakfast and dinner. I would say it is one of my favorite breakfasts along with TH. We also really like the food at dinner. The problem I have is that with so many good places to eat I hate to eat at the same place twice especially when we are not staying at the Poly.

So we have now just started alternating between them for different visits. This next trip we are doing late breakfast there on checkout day.

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We usually do breakfast. It’s usually not as much of a madhouse as dinner, the breakfast servers are really attentive and funny, and the characters will come visit but aren’t in your face if that’s not your thing.

I’ve found dinner to be really loud and crowded, and staff seem to try to be moving guests through there. Last time we had dinner there, they came around once with each type of meat and we got attitude when we asked for them to come back with some of the skewers. (Contrast to breakfast, where the waitstaff anticipate that you will need another tracy of something and just bring it. And, I know, meat is more expensive than Mickey waffles, but still.) I think if we ate dinner there again, I’d take way more meat than I could possibly eat rather than being conservative and dealing with the attitude when asking for a skewer to be brought around again.

Wow! You must have had a bad CM. When we went our server was always bringing us more skewers without even asking. Never got any attitude at all!

Sounds like we did get a bad CM or a CM having a bad day. It’s possible that the CM was put off by the party next to us. One of the adults at that table had a meltdown and went off on his wife while the rest of his siblings and all their kids sat there in shock until the poor woman ran out in tears. It made our table very uncomfortable to be sitting next to them, and the CM may have been feeling the bad vibes.

Well that doesn’t sound like a happy family vacation at all. Bad vibes for real!

Totally different from each other. We love Ohana dinner. It is a must do.

I always tell people that WDW really is The Happiest Place on Earth, but they need to be prepared for other guests who are not mentally or physically prepared to go with the Disney flow. Preparation is key, and these boards and the Touring Plans books are full of advice, tips, and tricks to make each visit magical and as stress-free as possible.

You know here is the problem with tipping for bad service. If they don’t meet your expectations for gods sake don’t tip them 18% or for that matter anything. They will get the message and hopefully you will have a better experience next time. We have never had this problem. They seemed to always be around with a stick of something.