Ohana and the Electrical Water Pageant

We are planning a September 2016 visit and are looking for new things to experience (which shouldn’t be hard because this will only be our third time at WDW). I thought our kids would really like to experience dinner at Ohana and the electrical water pageant. For all of you experienced liners out there, are you able to see the electrical water pageant when seated in Ohana? Any thoughts on the food quality or if you would suggest a better dining location to view the pageant I would be open to suggestions. I know our trip is a ways away, but I am so excited I though a little planning might help me hold out until our trip. :grinning:

I have not viewed Wishes from 'Ohana, though I have been there during the performance. For my visit, you had to request window seating with a castle view (and wait longer for it); I suspect it will be the same for the water pageant. However, I’m not sure if the water pageant passes by on the Seven Seas Lagoon in view from 'Ohana.

Thanks for the insight! I am thinking we might be better off just catching an earlier reservation and sticking around to watch from the beach at the Poly. based off your experience.


Yup. Watching the Pageant or Wishes® from the beach at the Poly is easier than hoping for a window seat at the exact right time @ 'Ohana. Have a Magical trip! :fireworks: :european_castle: :mouse: