'Ohana and Peanut Allergies

Wondering if anyone here with peanut allergy concerns has eaten at 'Ohana. My son has this problem and though we have dined at WDW in the past and thought their treatment of food allergies was supreme, I have some concerns about this restaurant.

The reason is the peanut sauce/dip that seems to be a featured item. It’s one thing to know some dishes may have allergens, but another to know that just about everyone in the place will be getting it… When speaking with the chef was anything mentioned about controlling cross contamination with this item?

Thanks so much for any info.

If it is a severe allergy, then I would be reluctant to dine at 'Ohana, given the significant potential for cross-contamination in their huge kitchen.

We only did breakfast at 'Ohana which may not offer the same concerns, but had zero issues. Frankly I’d feel pretty safe that there’s little risk of the kitchen contaminating if you tell them of the allergy just given well DIS deals with allergies. But…there is a character procession where all the kids get up and hold hands and roam around the restaurant in a procession. Your chance of cross contamination might be highest there if your son was paired with the wrong hand in theory. And in that case, depending on how sensitive your son is to peanuts may determine if that’s a risk to consider or not…

We did not eat at Ohana, but did eat at Kona for dinner. Our kids have allergies to all nuts.

As you know cross contamination is an issue at any restaurant, anywhere, regardless of whether they serve peanut sauce or not.

To give you my long term perspective: From my experience with other parents in our school district, I think my wife and I are on the extreme caution side of things in relation to many other people.

For example, we don’t eat any ice cream in our house made by companies, as they all will tell you they use shared lines if you call their support phones. We have several friends in the district who do allow their kids to eat various brands, citing the manufacturers’ statements that they make vanilla first, other flavors next, then clean the machines before starting over. However, we’re not comfortable with that since there’s no info on how they clean, whether they test for nuts after, or how they test if they do.

Back to Disney: From my understanding after our talking to several chefs on our 2 trips, each kitchen has a dedicated zone for food preparation for the common allergens. They will also go out of their way to inform you of any outside sourced items that may have cross contamination issues. (BOG was one of the few places we ate at, for example, that had cupcakes made in-house and no known cross contamination issues.)

With the service and help we’ve had at Disney, I think my wife and I would be comfortable eating at Ohana. But, we would be sure to not only get the lowdown from the chef, but that the waiter completely understands. (Waiters often seem to forget that salad toppings are issues and then put them on without thinking even after we’ve talked about allergies.)

Also, we’d ask that they clean the table with fresh cloths before our kids sat down, and we’d break out our own wipes for the chairs.

If it makes sense, we try to be as cautious as possible with what we eat, but also try to get the kids to understand what they’re going to have to do in this sort of situation, probably for the rest of their lives. Our daughter is on the over-cautious side, our son: not so much and makes us nervous as he enters his teen years.

Of course, if we find we are really going to stress over the decision (as we sometimes do) we’d probably end up staying away rather than lessen the vacation experience.

Here’s an older thread on another board that has some discussion as well.

Hope you have a great time everywhere you eat!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful responses so far!

Our son is anaphylactic to peanuts (among a host of others foods) and we eat at O’hana every year. The chefs are amazing and really put our fears at ease. That being said, we are always armed with Epi-Pens and liquid Benadryl!