Ohana 4pm Ferry?... what time to leave MK?

We are still hoping to modify Ohana nearer the time so we have dinner around 5pm rather than 4pm… anyway if that doesn’t work… hoping to catch the ferry across from MK to The Polynesian. What time would we have to leave MK?.. what logistical issues will we have with the Parade being on at a very similar time and us wanting to leave the park? We are not watching the parade and should be on the Tomorrow land side of the park on rides before we go across for dinner at 4pm.
Would it be better to take the monorail there and ferry back instead? How dark is it around 6pm end May?
I am guessing the park will have a lot of people leaving after the parade too?
Sorry so many questions but thanks for reading

Leave at 3pm to be safe, the ride to the Poly is short but the wait for a ferry varies. It’s also important to arrive early to Ohana since there is almost always some type of wait. If you end up there too early for dinner the Poly is a really nice resort to explore if you’ve never been there, personally they have one of my favorite gift shops.

Assuming you get on monorail with little or no wait, it would be about a 20 minute ride - remember that from MK you’re going almost all the way around.

The boat would take about the same amount of time, TBH, once on board.

I would base my decision on weather first and lines second.

In either case I would be walking out of the park at about 3:15.

Thank you - its a shame I was going to use the low wait times during the parade to go on rides… oh well… so will it be easy to leave the park at 3pm or 3.15?
I am thinking if the mono rail goes more often we may go on the ferry on the way back when we are not so rushed but just wondering if it will be dark 6.6.30ish? Kids would love to travel to a restaurant another way as we are staying off site

Gift shop… keep me away! We would like to spend some time there… see how the others live IYSWIM :slight_smile:

When are you going?

I think you should do just fine leaving around 3-3:15. If you encounter any troubles, enter at Casey’s (facing the hub) and walk allllllllllll the way through the emporium where you will exit near Firehouse. Stay on that side of the walkway and you should exit the park easily. The parade won’t be that far down by then - it arrives in Town Square around 3:20 per time stamps on my photos.

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We are going of end of may just remembered even on tomorrowland side we can walk through on that side of the park too. …thanks for the heads up.
Assuming you have eaten at ohana. …and we are eating at 4pm…if you do eat on time how long does the meal last for? I know there is no much waiting around for food as they continue to bring food till you pop ! But does that go on for an hour… 2 hours. …?

I had to be at WL for a 3:50 DME pickup. I watched the parade right at the beginning, cut across and through the stores and was at WL at 3:40. It is possible.

For as long as you care to enjoy it :wink: by definition, that’s what this is!

My pineapple drink photo was taken at 5:20 and at 6:40 we were back in the lobby. We were stuffed! And we were not rushed at all.

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That’s really good to know thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

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Between 3:00 and 3:15. If you wait longer, you may get caught in the post-parade exodus. 3 options: mono, ferry to TTC and walk over, or launch directly to apply. Many variables, but probably a wash with regards to actual travel time.

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So I am usually in the “cutting it close” family, but haven’t had a wicked bad experience yet. I would say you would be fine to be walking out at 3:30 as long as you are relatively savvy. Like others have said there are like 3 ways to get to the Poly, ferry to TTC and walk would probably be my choice, but you can monorail or take the launch. So as you walk out the exit, eyeball which seems to be the next departing option. None actually take that long, it’s waiting for the next one that is the variable.

That being said, if you don’t feel like you can make the game-day decision on transport or are wrangling a large family/young kids, you might want to leave earlier. I just get the impression you were looking for “last possible time to leave.” I don’t think the post-midday-parade exodus is as bad as the evening parade one.

Also in the “cutting it close” camp, if you want to eat around 5 and you’re a little late to your 4pm reservation, you will probably eat closer to 5. I guess it depends if you are ok grabbing a drink or waiting at the Poly. Ohana is honestly ALWAYS backed up in my opinion whether you arrive at 3:50 or 4:10 you’ll probably have to wait.

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Just a word of caution, I’ve personally seen people show up late to O’hana and the cast members tells them they missed there reservation time but that they will try to fit them in. Those people were still waiting for a table when we finished our meal. O’hana is one of the few restaurants I do not feel comfortable showing up late to in Disney World.


Thanks everyone. …just a family of 4… 2 children 7 and 9…able to walk fast but would like to use the low wait times around parade time if possible but totally not a risk taker…and we have 3-3.30 hours from 3.15 to kill over in TTC so it doesn’t matter if they are running late we don’t need to be back in the park till 1830 and iur food isnt till 1600. Will make an assessment when we arrive as to monorail or ferry.

If you do not have a stroller just take the resort boat to the Polynesian.

Probably wise - do note that it is the 2nd stop for the resort boat though as it goes MK->GF->Poly.

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