Oh No! No FOP Fastpass

So I was looking forward to getting a fastpass to FOP (I heard it is the best ride in Disney). but they were all gone at the 30 day window at 7am (I am offsite). Any suggestions? Is there a tool that will constantly look for FPP changes?

Did you get a Navi River Journey? You should keep checking to see if you can modify that FP to a FoP. The other thing is that the day you are there- some days but not all there have been extra FPs released at 10:37 and 3:37. You will need either a NRJ to modify, or have used all your FPs at that time.

I have NRJ…but I do not see how I can see what else is available without giving NRJ up. Is there a way to see what I can swap without committing?

Yes! Go to your NRJ FP and select “modify”. If there is not any FoP just cancel (I always just go back).

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