Oh boy. Quick tickets question

A friend of mine texted me early yesterday morning, saying that she was on her way to Orlando, and what are the “must see/do things at Disneyworld.” Wow. Just wow.

So I’m trying to help her with an on-the-fly day at Epcot. I’ll get her squared away with MDE and buying tickets, but I’ve never gone to the park without a magic band or physical ticket. If she has the tickets linked to her MDE and has the app, does she need to go to GS to get a physical ticket before entering the park?

Thanks for your help!

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Pretty sure she needs something - either a magic band or the plastic card. Guest Services or the Ticket Desk can help her at whichever park entrance she’s going to.

You didn’t mention getting a Park Reservation.


Thanks for the reminder. It’s on the radar. :slight_smile: