Oga's Second Transmission?

I was just watching a youtube video about Easter Eggs in SWGE. Near the end, the vlogger said that at the end of your Oga’s reservation time if you go back and leave your phone number they will invite you back for a Second Transmission?

I have not heard of this before. Anyone know anything about this? Is it a thing? Most of the video was really good, but he did say it was Don Okdar’s Den of Antiquities sooooooo… I’m a little concerned that some info might be suspect.


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Oh my gosh, you should say that to the fam! Hey, I heard Don Okdar’s Den of Antiquities is not to be missed!

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But it’s Dok Ondar, not Don Okdar … which is why I wonder if that guy’s info is reliable on the Second Transmission at Ogas


Oh I agree! I just thought it would be funny for you to purposely say the name wrong to your family!


Oh gotcha LOL

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I’ve never heard of this but I’m curious.

Also, an apt quote:



What would be a “second transmission” anyway? Oga’s isn’t a communications thing, I’m very confused. Not to mention getting a reservation there is already extremely difficult so why would they invite you back with limited availability as it is?

Sounds like nonsense to me.

I have no idea. I just heard a thing and figured I’d ask :laughing:

The title made me wonder if this was going to be about COVID transmission! Phew!

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I kind of thought that too at first! Second transmission of COVID linked directly to Oga’s Cantina!! :rofl:

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I’m kinda curious now too. What was the title of this video? Just for s+g.

30 Easter eggs at SWGE or something like that

I went back to the video and asked the blogger what he was talking about.

I’ll let you know if he replies.