Ogas extended hours again for August

Ogas has extended their hours again one hour past closing for August-open until 10pm now with a 9:00 pm park closing. I grabbed a 9:55 for both of our HS evenings. Just letting you know in case you’ve been looking for after park close reservations!


Thanks for the tip - I just grabbed a 9:40p for our HS day in September. We have an earlier Oga’s res at noon, but this will let us see GE at night and hopefully get some good photos as we exit.

I had a late Wine Bar George reservation at DS for the same time, so we won’t have time to try that, but maybe next trip.


Also, do we think this means they’re likely extending the park hours?

App isn’t working. Maybe they are making some changes??

I can’t get the actual website to work either…

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Same here - down across the board. Even RunDisney is down.

Now there is a pardon the inconvenience pop up. This must mean fast passes, extra dining slots and every restaurant is now opening right? Lol


We can hope! :rofl:

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Fingers crossed???

thx so much, I grabbed a couple before the website went crazy


Many thanks! Just snagged a 9:50 for us!

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We also benefited from this tip. THANK YOU!

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