Oga's Cantina - What if not everyone shows


We are a group of 10 and have a reservation for Oga’s Cantina on Sunday. There are people who definitely want to go and some who are on the fence. Is this like a dinner reservation where as long as at least one person from the reservation shows up no one will be changed? Or will they charge $10 for each guest that does not show up?

Thanks for your help!

As long as everyone is on the same reservation, i believe only one person from the reservation has to show in order for there to be no charge.

This is also what I think. Oga’s was way more fun than I had imagined. It was a big highlight of our trip. I had only booked it b/c our friend who was going with us wanted to see it b/c it was new.

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Thank you both for your responses! I was up in the air as to whether my kids and I would go but I think we will now!