Oga's Cantina in wheelchair

Taking family to WDW in October and have a reservation at Oga’s lined up for our family. My 6 year old son is in a wheelchair and trying to see if there are any accommodations made in this small crowded environment. Hoping they would try to get a booth but was just curious if any with wheelchairs have been there and what the experience was

It’s only open for CM previews just now. Unless anyone’s been to the DL one.

But I’m sure they would accommodate the wheelchair as best they could. From the pictures it looks like it would actually wheel up to the tables OK, possibly easier not to be in a booth as such - the tables look to be quite close together.

I have been to Oga’s in Disneyland and yes it is a tight environment. However, there is accommodations for wheelchairs. If I am not mistaken at a tables/bar area and also at a larger booth. Cast Members at the door will make it happen for you… I am sure of it.

Thanks so much! On our previous trips with son, Disney has always gone out of way to make it a magical experience!