Oga’s Reservations have been added for November

Lots for availability for Oga’s, for at least the first week of November, showing now.

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I picked one up this morning - as the second part of my dining window opened today (split stay). I did it for ‘after park close’ but I’m not sure what extended evening hours for deluxe resort guests will do to the emptiness of the park (I’ve been so envious of everyone’s empty Galaxy’s Edge pictures)

Right now there is only MK and EPC so you might be just fine

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I have my fingers crossed it stays that way…the way they built it into the park hours calendar it just feels like they’re going to add more. That could just be my paranoid ‘Disney’s out to make planning this trip as difficult as possible’ brain though :slight_smile:

I’m so pissed about this bc we are in HS Nov 8th and die to the Swan Reserve IT glitch with MDE I talked about earlier here, I can’t book anything app or online more than 60 days out. Have to call Guest Services or Tech Support to have them do it and “all circuits are busy” every time I call. By the time I can do anything about this (tomorrow) they will definitely be gone. So damn frustrating!!!

So I have been experiencing this glitch too, but if I go into My Plans and Click on Add More Plans, it allows it. When you try and search everything from there it is still going to error out but once you’ve gotten that nothing available error if you search just for Oga’s, it should stay unlocked. It has been a long and arduous reservation making morning, but fingers crossed this works for you too!

Unfortunately I have a different issue. The Swan Reserve isn’t fully integrated with their IT backend yet, Disney tech admitted it’s an issue. No matter how I search, if I look for anything beyond 60 days I get an error message and no availability shows at any restaurant. Can only call but can’t get past “all circuits are busy”. So can’t do anything now :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Those were gone fast.