Offsite Stay and SDD plan

I apologize if this has been asked and answered before but, now that we know a little more about crowd levels with the opening of SWGE, I wanted to get some thoughts.
My friend is going to HS on 9/17 want really wants to ride SDD. They were not able to get FP+ for it and they are staying offsite so will not be able to utilize extra extra magic hours.
So, if they planned to “rope drop” with off-site guests, will that really still give them an advantage since there will be 3 hours worth of people already in the park by the time they get there?
Or do I have them try for a same day drop or wait to ride at the end of the night?
They aren’t opposed to waiting in line but I want to give them the best possible plan of attack


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I haven’t been there since EEMH started but since no one else has answered yet I’ll offer my two cents. From what I have read it sounds like lines for SDD have stayed fairly low during EEMH and I’m guessing with 3 hours most of those attending get their fill of what they want to ride during that time. So if I were them, and planned on being there early anyway, I would get there at 8 for 9 AM rope drop and try for a short line. I’m betting it will work out ok. If the line is really long they can always elect to exit and try for SDFP or try again at end of day. I myself didn’t have any luck getting SDFP for SDD last month but it was a busy Saturday when I tried.

Thank you so much for your response! They leave tomorrow so I am hoping they will follow my plan :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching the lines app this week, and even mid-day, I’m not sure the line for SDD or much of anything else has gone over an hour. With any luck that will carry through to next week and there will be low crowd levels still.

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I’ve been watching them too and am really hopeful that the low wait times will continue for them! And, wishing I was there to take advantage!


Also check periodically to see if a FP+ is available. I got a SDD 3 weeks out (5-6pm), and FOP today (8-9 am 10 days out) Once or twice a day, I just modify one of my FPP+ to see if something is available. Now I just need to luck into a 7DMT