Offsite guest BOG PPO ADR on EMH day

Can anyone tell me if there is any advantage for an offsite guest to have an 8:00 ADR at BOG on a EMH day with regular opening at 9:00? Could we do anything after eating or would we have to exit until 9:00? Debating whether to keep the reservation or not. Changing days is not an option as we are very close to our trip. Or, does anyone have another suggestion for how best to approach park opening on EMH day at MK as a non-resort guest? Thank you!

Interesting question. I doubt they kick you out. Probably just can’t ride anything for a half hour or so until it opens. Still not a bad option if it’s your only day there. You wouldn’t ride till 9:00 anyway.

I’ve never stayed offsite so I don’t know where they let offsite guests wait until official park open on EMH days (maybe someone has the answer?), but if you keep the PPO BOG, you’d at least be back in Fantasyland at official open.

I would say ditto to the above. Worst case they don’t let you ride but you still get a bit of a head start on the other guests. If switching days is not an option, then this send like a better strategy than none.