Offsite Conference - TRON Strategy

I will be staying at the Hyatt Grand Cypress in May for a conference and will be staying an extra two days for an adult park hopping adventure with my team.
My goal is to do AK/MK after the conference on Friday and hope the VQ Gods provide a late evening time to ride TRON or ILL. Saturday would be Epcot/HS.
I’ve considered staying at Carribean beach resort for Saturday convenience/napping VS staying at the HYATT the extra two days.
Thoughts on park strategy pros/cons of staying at Hyatt Vs. On Property?

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A big pro for CBR is utilizing the Skyliner on your EP/HS day. Magical and easy.


Biggest pro of onsite is being able to purchase ILL for Tron right at 7am and pick your time.

If you are doing AK first you would have to be able to switch your APR after getting a BG.

That’s where I stayed in February!! I moved to ASS for one night to take advantage of early entry.

I should say… a few weeks ago (it still February)

You make a great point that I can’t believe I didn’t consider about the timing of the VQ and APR!
Now I need to rethink my park strategy a bit!

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