Offsite condo location. Help me with areas

Following my last post trying now to get my head around the best area to stay offsite. Hoping for somewhere with restaurants etc walkable and shops a bonus! . Close to disney. Still debating with husband re car. So a shuttle service would be good too. If you have any condo resorts you can recommend or even just point me towards an intersection/road area that is good location wise to look that would be ace!

Check out the Unofficial Guide for recs. Downtown Disney area is convenient. All Star Vacation Homes has good options.

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Windsor Hills is great. Closest to AK but there's a shortcut to the other parks. Nowhere to walk to except WH clubhouse (theater, playground, pool, small shop) though. Do yourself a favor and rent a car or stay onsite & let Mickey drive.

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We stayed at the Bonnet Creek Resort last December and really liked it. It is close in, right next to the Caribbean Beach Resort. We got a 1-br penthouse unit for a very good deal. Rented it through VRBO. It was very nice inside, full kitchen and full washer/dryer, pools, and a gift shop that served Starbucks. We had a rental car which made getting to the parks (and back for nap time) very fast & easy; although they had a shuttle service too. We would definitely stay there again!

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Thanks for the replies everyone I'll check those options out.

If you do really stay offsite please be aware that most hotel shuttle services and not good for Liners - people who go at rope drop, do an afternoon break, and then close the park down. I have seen many places that have 1 shuttle that goes to all of the parks in the morning and all of the parks around 5ish for pick up. others have a few shuttles departing in the morning but you need to arrange them the day before you need them and they always get filled up.

What do you need offsite? Do you need more room? Do you like to have full meals in your hotel? What are you looking for?

Here's a google map of the area with the most condo/rental house rental. It's easy to get onto the WDW resort through Sherberth road/entry point road. There are lots of food options in this area. Lots of touristy souvenir shops, no malls near Disney except the outlet mall on the opposte site of Disney from here (near Marriott village).

But this is not a walkable town, so you would need a car.,-81.594318,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x88dd7eb25ba0ba37:0xeb86feb315864022


thanks @altig1 .
We do need to stay offiste for most of the reasons you mentioned - more room - we're there for 19 days, (part of a one month trip) so we will need some space from the kids at night. We do want to be able to prepare meals, again, we're away for a month, so eating out every night for a month, not feasible, plus our kids are picky eaters. And third - cost - to be away for a month, we can't be spending $400-700+ plus a night on site (which seems to be villa pricing) to achieve the space we would like.

At the moment I'm down to Floridays which looks like it's close to supermarket etc. We could take our chances with the lynx bus to get to the parks each day - it will take a lot longer and make for a very early start as we will want to be there at rope drop.

Or Bonnet Creek is looking really appealing too. There are some condos on vrbo that look reasonably priced.
I agree we need a car, but convincing my husband of that will take some doing, just need to crunch the numbers harder!
We're in New York the week prior and really need to lock in accomodation there, so If I can come in under budget there, I will have more $ to spend in Orlando which is the main part of the trip.

I really want to start booking things, but Australian flight deals aren't out yet, so until I can lock in my dates, I'm stuck. So frustrating!
Thanks for all your help everyone!

I just can't imagine being there that long w/ o a car. I can't imagine staying offsie w/o a car.

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Success liners! I've shown dh all the advice and we did a google street view walk through and the car is go! Thanks for the carlink @PianoMinnie will check it out. smile

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We stay at the Orange Lake resort when we go with my wife's family. It's nice, large, clean, decent amenities, and near restaurants and shops but not really walkable. I wouldn't do it without a car.

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