Offsite arrival time to TTC for PPO breakfast

Hi to all.
I have a PPO for BOG and form all I have read, looks like I should be at the gates around 7:30.
Im staying offsite and would like to know at what time should I be enetering MK parking lot to be sure to get in at that time?

What is PPO?
I know what BOG is, so I’m guessing PPO has to do with being there before the park opens.
Assuming I’m right and your reservation time is before the park open time and you are driving yourself there, then be pulling into TTC parking lot 45 minutes before your reservation. That should give you enough time to park, walk to and ride the monorail/ferry to MK, go through security, and walk to BOG. Better to be early to BOG than late, because that can screw up your TP if you’re late.
Good luck and have fun!!

Also unfamiliar with “PPO” (Pre-Park Opening?), but for timing, I would say at least 45 min prior to reservation time; I’d probably go with an hour. You’ll have to drive through the lot and park, walk/tram to the TTC, wait for a mono or ferry, ride the mono or ferry, walk to the bag check area, wait at the bag check area,and then queue up at the actual gate. Once inside the park, from the entrance to BOG is a 5-10 min walk (or longer if you stop to take pictures of the castle with low crowds).