Offsite and EMM Question!

I just have a quick question regarding the logistics of staying offsite while attending EMM (we’ve only stayed onsite!). I just booked EMM for us, but I’m wondering how we actually get in on the day of? Will the reservation be tied to our physical tickets somehow? I think I’m going to link our tickets to our existing magic bands, but my sister and her family are coming as well and they don’t have magic bands?

I’ve done emm 2x - They’ll ask for the name of the reservation after bag check, I believe. I can’t recall if our bands were scanned afterwards (FOR emm, that is. They were scanned for park entry) but they probably were - just because we wee wearing them. I will say this: If they do NOT have easy-peasy simple protocol to follow for guests w/o magic bands, it would be the ultimate in dumb. I wouldn’t worry one bit at ALL. You’ll need a regular ticket to get in the park,of course, but your reservation number/name should be enough for the emm. I’d make sure to bring an id if you will not be using an old magic band.

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When we did EMM, they looked up our reservation on a tablet and then gave each of us a plastic wrist band. I think even without a magic band it would be fine.