Official Park Hours for ADRs

Hi! Getting ready to make my ADRs in a couple weeks. Is there any way to know the official park hours before the actual 180 day mark when I can start making ADRs? I know TP has estimates but how accurate are they? It’s hard to plan the days and ADRs without knowing hours. Would also love to be able to see which parks will have EMH so I can work around that for breakfast ADRs. Thanks for your help!

The EMH should be available, but the park hours can and will change even a week or two before the date. The park hours change every year so there really is no way to predict them with the exception of Epcot which is almost always 9-9.

Just to add Magic Kingdom will generally open at 9AM unless its a busy week, then it will open at 8AM. You can’t really predict what time Magic Kingdom will close with any certainty. AK and HS will usually open at 8 AM or 9 AM depending on how busy it is.

Ok thanks…Going 5/28-6/4 so right after Memorial Day. CLs don’t seem awful (nothing higher than a 7) so not sure how it will be! Where could I find the EMHs already available?

@brklinck posted this link on another thread

Currently, May 2019 hours are posted here

Ok thanks I did just look at Kenny the Pirate’s calendar. Are his calendars typically correct?

They are the initial hours but often Disney will add extra hours on the 15th of the month before. For your May trip, that would be around April 15th.

Even if the park hours change the Dining hours usually do not. For example You can make dining reservations for 8 AM if the parks open at 8 or 9 AM. But if the park opens at 8 AM they will still have 8 AM as the earliest dining reservation.

Ok thanks for your help!