Office chairs at Disney resort rooms?

Anyone know…if we were staying at the Boardwalk Villas, if we asked nicely, would Disney provide an office chair?

We are looking at potentially going in September where I work from the hotel room during the day…but I realized that they don’t really have any decent chairs for that kind of thing in the rooms.


(I did connect with Disney over chat about this, and the answer was simply I can connect with the front desk when I check in about chair options. Which didn’t really answer my question.)


When we were at both Beach club and the Treehouses at wherever those are, chairs were given to us when we asked guest services.

Head of maintenance even gave us his personal office chair to use, but it wasn’t fantastic for DH’s back. So we bought a nicer one on Amazon and donated it to the very nice man when we left in May.

Saturday we hunt for another chair that we’ll keep in a storage unit.


This makes it sound like they don’t typically have such chairs available.

How were those chairs? Since Beach Club is close to Boardwalk, it seems like that could be an option if they don’t have any at Boardwalk.


Following. I’m also potentially interested in working remotely from Disney at some point and would like to know if any hotels have a good setup with office desk and chair.

I looked at a lot of room pics for UOR hotels and couldn’t find anything suitable.

In general some of the extended stay chain hotels have decent setups like Marriott Residence Inn, Hilton, Hampton inn, etc.

AirBNB is hit and miss and hard to search for good office setups.

Like @Bubblez said I could buy my own ergo chair and donate it after but I need them to provide a desk with space for an external monitor.

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They provided an ok chair, but DH codes for a few hours every morning and he needs a specific high back type chair that has lots of padding an a spot to put lacrosse balls for posture (I can’t make this up).

Once the head of maintenance came out to fix the washing machine, DH and he started talking and and when DH said he couldn’t work because of the chair, the nice gentleman offered his own.

It was without a doubt above and beyond. We not only returned the chair, but donated one that was a few hundred more than it probably cost and added a very, very nice gratuity on top of it for his generosity.

Contemporary brought one over from a conference room, as did Beach Club.


We are literally shopping tomorrow for desks, 2 chairs and 4 or 5 monitors for both DH and DS to be comfortable.

I checked with my VRBO and they are ok with bringing the items in assuming we return the rental to the state we found it.

We’ll put all the items into storage when we leave.

So happy with this set up as it lets us have longer stays.