Off Site travelling companions

We are a Party of 5 currently, staying at BCV in Sept '19. We have our ADR’s, and FP+ will Open on July 22nd. I have the 4 “linked” to my “My Family & Friends” account.

My question is this: One of the 4 would like to bring another party, but then those 2 would opt to stay at a different location. If it’s an On Site Disney property, do I just link the 6th guest to My Family & Friends (I assume the 6th has to create an Account) ?

If they stay Off Site, can I still Link them to My Family & Friends, and does that impact the 60 Day Window that Opens for the, now 4 staying at BCV, on July 22nd?

Stated more simply, what impact does On Site vs Off Site have on the ability to book FP+ at 60 Day Window for the 2 who wouldn’t be staying at BCV

If the two friends staying offsite are linked through MDE to the onsite party as “family and friends”, then you can book for them at your 60 day window, with the following conditions:

  • One of the on-site guests must book the FPs.

  • The offsite guests must be in an FP group with at least one onsite guest.

  • I don’t think you can modify that FP without dropping the offsite guests, at least until the 30 day mark.

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Geez, it never fails when one talks to the CM’s and the contradictory info. Earlier today, on “chat”, I was led to believe I could make the 60 Day FP on MDE Account (if other party was Off site but Linked to “My Family & Friends”), much as you said… Now, I just got off the phone speaking to some in Reservations, asking about Room Availability, and I posed the “off site” guest question regarding FP at 60 Days, and she said “No” they can’t at 60 just at 30. When I mentioned MDE, she said only at 30 days would still apply.


I have booked and modified FP for two offsiters in our party on. I am not sure they can modify them on their own, though.

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That’s good to know that you can modify their FPs.

I wouldn’t expect them to be able to modify theirs until their own window opens.

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I have probably only modified them with someone onsite… I know I didn’t always modify mine with theirs, but there was probably always someone onsite being modified with them.

I don’t think there’s any way round that now. They would have to stay with someone in the onsite group when modifying, you used to be able to change that.

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