Off site split stay car rental and Magical Express

Howdy fellow Liners, My DBF and I are heading down to the World in February of 2015 for a conference (I’m going to the conference he’s watching our DD1.5 while I’m in meetings) and then hopping over to AKL for three nights. We are renting a car for the time at Gaylord Palms (February 18-21) and were wondering if we rent from MCO can we return our car and then hop on ME back to AKL even though our flight was 3 days earlier. We would be getting ME back to MCO on the 24th for our flight. TIA. Crissy

No you can’t but if you rent from National or Alamo, you should be able to return the car to the Car Care center at WDW and they will shuttle you to AKL.

Thank you MDU

Why would they not be able to do this? DME has no idea what flight you actually arrived on, so if they booked it as if they were arriving on that day and “collected their own luggage” before going to going to the DME desk, couldn’t they take it to AKL?