Off-site Shuttle Experiences

For folks that have stayed off-site, I was wondering about your shuttle experiences getting to/from Disney property. How frequent/reliable/crowded/convenient? Any recommendations? Thanks!

Every hotel will have their own schedule/procedure/hours. Some offer complimentary, others charge. Generally, I have found them to be limited in hours and number of buses. I always drive to Orlando, so on occasions when I stay off site (typically for a convention, never for a “planned” Disney trip), I just drive.

My only “recent” experience (and we’re talking about 5 years ago) was from the Caribe Royale. It was pleasant enough, not very crowded (I was going to WDW at 5:00 PM), I think it was complimentary (or very reasonable) and as I knew that drinking would be involved, I wouldn’t have to worry about driving.

Things have changed since then ,so given the same situation today, I’d probably Uber…

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My sister was staying at the Wyndham in Disney Springs and the shuttle was fine. The morning she used it to get to Epcot, she got there before we were allowed through the tapstills, but after we had been there for while.

Those shuttles were free, but they covered many hotels.

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We stayed at the Hilton by DS in 2015. The shuttle was very reliable and the drivers were lovely. They ran every 30 minutes at least in the morning and evening. They shared with 2 other hotels. Some of the parks shared a shuttle too. Reliable, not crowded but not speedy. We also used the resort shuttles to DS to get home sometimes. This was more convenient with the old bus drop off area but depending on where you are staying could be an option.

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