Off-site purchase band for 2 year old?

Hey all,
I have a question, need some advice. I know my 2 year old does not need a magic band. But I kind of like the idea that if he gets lost, he would have some way of being found if he had a magic band tied to his belt. We’re staying off-site, is there a reason why I should purchase a band for him? Does Disney actually have a way to track him if he got lost? I know he will be associated with my account because I had to create a profile for him on the My Disney Experience. So I only assume when I get the band, I could link it to his profile.
Any advice would help.

They do not currently use the bands in this way. The CM’s can’t access detailed information to locate a child’s parents. You could put your cell phone on the inside of the band though.

People use a lot of ways to id their kids. Temperory tattoos, cards in their pocket, etc. But be warned the child will have to give it to the CM, the CM cannot look for it.

Maybe purchase something like this for his belt, and I suggest multiples in case of it getting lost:

I know this is going to sound…bad, but when DS was small we went to PetSmart and bought dog tags, similar to the ones in Jedilogray’s link, etched our information into them with their little machine, and put it in his shoe laces.