Off property but looking to RD

We are staying with family in Clermont. SIL is already planning a big breakfast before MK and I am stressing out about time. We want to RD like we always do when we stay on property? How long would you say it takes from driving into WDW to being at the MK Gate? Also, how much time does it usually take from the transportation center?

I need to make my case to SIL and be clear about what time I would like to be heading out to WDW.

I’d give 45 minutes because sometimes the monorail is wonky, the tram is slow, the parking is on the extreme edge of your row… you know, worst case stuff. But I think a nice slow family breakfast once might be worth not RDIng. I don’t think I could do it more than once though…

Could you do your big breakfast at Ohana, Kona or Capt. Cook’s at the Polynesian? That way you’ve done the majority of the travel and just need to hop on the MK monorail from the TTC - removes some variables and (I think) avoids the MK security line.

Edit: Ohana and Kona open 7.30, CC 6.30…

I’d plan on getting to the main lot by 7ish, assuming a 9 am opening. It takes awhile to walk or take the tram to the TTC from your car, clear security at the TTC, wait for the monorail or boat, clear the tap stiles, and walk down Main Street to line up for RD.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure big TS breakfasts and RD are compatible (at least, not in that order), unless you do a PPO breakfast in the park. You also could do a late breakfast in the park, like 10:30 am at CP, after you RD a few rides.