Off Kilter...where are they?!

I’ve started checking things out a little early for our June 2015 family trip. Was just going through attractions and shows and did not see Off Kilter listed. Where are they?! Next to Illuminations, they’re our fav show in Epcot! Has anyone heard anything? Please help! Thanks, Ruth

Off Kilter is ending their run at Epcot at the end of September. Along with some other Epcot performers. They are being replaced by a lumberjack show of some kind I believe

Here’s more information. Many people are sad about the news.

NNOOOOooooo!!! Say it isn’t so! We’ve gone every visit to see Off Kilter, sometimes more than once in a day! Won’t be the same without them! :frowning:

Yay /ducks I wasnt really a fan of them :smile:

Awww… sticks that the American Fife and Drum group is going away… now that I did love.

Gone, gone, gone

Used to love them, but the past two times I’ve been there they have had a fiddle instead of the bagpipes, and to me, the whole “sound” of Off Kilter was lost. I’ll have to settle for recordings and You Tube videos…