# of days to see Disney Land CA

How many days does one need in order to see most of Disneyland CA?

Think it mostly depends on the size and age of people in your group, but for the most part can be done in 2-3 days max. I’ve done plenty of one day visits as well.

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Three. One to focus on each park and a third to catch things you missed or want to do again.


I would say you can see and do most everything in 3 days. We just got back today from a 5 night stay. We spent most of 5 days in the parks and took a day off in the middle to swim, do laundry and shop/eat in DTD.
This was our third trip to Disneyland and we are planning to go back in December. We love it. It has a charm to it that WDW doesn’t have. Probably because it is the only park Walt Disney ever set foot in.

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Yes, to all above. We are EastCoasters with 15+ trips to WDW, but only a few misc visits long(er) ago to DLR. DS, 15, had never been.

So, yes, we did 3 days last summer. Carsland in DCA should be emphasized as it is the Pixar-ization to Walt’s original concept of themed entertainment. Parks share an entrance / security plaza so hopping is VERY convenient.

We stayed off-site <1 mile away at Marriott where we get benefits. ART bus system is good, or we walked.

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thanks everyone. this was a helpful start!!