Oddly specific question: Amazon Prime Now and substitutions

So I’m setting up my Amazon Prime Now order now so that I can just hit “buy” on Friday. I see that there is choice to make for the stuff coming from Whole Foods:

If something is out of stock, we’ll contact you with a replacement. What should we do if we don’t hear back?
Include Replacement
Leave it Out

However, there is also a “Don’t substitute” checkbox below each item in the Whole Foods part of my cart.

There are some things where I’m fine with a substitution (ex. any brand of whole milk is fine) and others where I’m not (it really does need to be Icelandic Provisions Cherry Skyr, DS won’t eat any other flavor or brand). Anyone know whether I should select “include replacement” or “leave it out”? I’m inclined towards the former combined with checking off “don’t substitute” below the items where we would rather do without rather than substitute.

Put leave it out if you don’t want a replacement product.

What if I don’t mind some things being replaced, even without a verbal confirmation, but not others? Or is it an all-or-nothing kind of thing?

Oh I see your issue. I never really want substitutions so that’s not something I can answer for sure.

I think you are correct that you should be ticking for no substitution where only that specific item will do, but if you are willing to accept a sub and aren’t too fussy what brand it is, then include replacement. Sorry for the confusion.

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No worries! Thanks for responding.

The Include Replacement / no sub checkbox combo is what the help section seems to imply I need, but it’s not 100% explicit. I think I’ll try it and see how things go. As DD4 says, “we’ll hope for the best.”

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I think u might also be able to text shopper while they are shopping and see substitutions being made… I think I know instacart you do… maybe someone else can chime in… I online order a lot so could be confusing some services…

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I used prime now on occasion at home. You can track the whole process on the prime now app. They can text you as well. I haven’t had any substitution issues so far. The whole process is pretty good. And generally amazon is good about refunds. So if you don’t like your replacement you can tell them after the fact. One unexpected thing we run in to is the proposed tip. While it’s free over $35 there is a driver tip that appears to be about 10% of the bill. I figure I can pay that and save the 2 hours I just saved.

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Definitely do the individual substitutions options only for items you’re okay with instead of the whole deal. In addition, if you’re available when the person is shopping they will often send you a notification if something is out and offer a substitute that you have to reply “yes” or “no” to in order to get it. We used this when we were there in October and it worked well.

Thanks for the insight, @HollyN. Can I ask if this means I should do the Include Replacement / no sub checkbox combo? Or the Leave it Out / no sub checkbox combo?