Odd optimization results

I was starting to create a plan for our MK day. I realize that I don’t have a full day worth of things listed, but this was just getting a feel for the important things in terms of wait times.

I used Optimize…but ended up with some odd results.

First, I plan to get Tron twice…once by ILL, and once by VQ. If I use BG1, I am hoping for an early VQ…so I added BG 5 for the moment as a placeholder.

When I optimized, though, it said it wouldn’t be using the VQ…

Sure enough…it placed both Trons after the anticipated BG window. Since you can’t ride without a VQ or ILL, shouldn’t it have used the BG 5 estimated time no matter what?

I also noticed that the recommended time to ride Liberty Belle was AFTER the ride closes…

According to the website it closes at 7 pm.

I can arrange things myself, so this isn’t a big deal…but figured worth mentioning. I think the Tron but is more significant.

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Oh, wait. The Tron thing is likely because of park hours. I didn’t notice that the MK park hours have been updated to 8 am instead of 9, but my plans have me starting at 9.

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Do you prefer to do your TPs on the app vs a desktop? I tried the app way years ago and HATED it. I always you the desktop now. Do you feel the app version is improved?

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I prefer the desktop overall…but I don’t have access to a desktop version all the time…I do with the app though

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