October vs February

Hi all,

Have been dreaming of Disney since returning after a holiday in Oct 2016.
Although we found ourselves amongst the dramas of hurricane Matthew at the time, our stay was more affected by the heat and humidity rather than any hurricane as such. It was just so so hot, which made it exhausting trying to fit my planned schedule into our days. We are use to heat, coming from Australia, but the humidity at even 7am when we opened our hotel door was amazing and somewhat overwhelming. I struggled.
Our day planned at MK finished by 11am, as we just couldn’t handle to heat of that day. We are a fast moving, fairly fit and active family, so this struggle even surprised us :blush:
We want to return, but at a different time of year. I am wondering what February feels like in comparison to LateSept/oct when we went previously.
Is anybody there now that can tell me how they are feeling with humidity levels?
Thanks very much. We still had an awesome time last time, and for hubbys first ever trip overseas, I’m absolutely thrilled that he is wanting to go back to Disney - this was totally unexpected, but he felt the magic :blush:

There is limited humidity in Feb.
However the temperatures can fluctuate wildly. We have been there in February and it has been FREEZING and it has been HOT. So you can’t always bank on a specific in Feb.
Although the crowds CAN be lower - the hours are significantly shorter, there are more rides that are closed for refurb, you usually don’t want to do any water rides / parks.
So there are handoffs. It is a bit less expensive during some areas of Feb but be advised that President’s weekend is in Feb and that is NUTS


I’ve been in February for PHM where we’ve shivered in North Face jackets one day, and sweated in shorts the next. It can be wild. But the humidity is definitely less intense, for sure.

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We were in Orlando first week of February this year. Temperatures were a high of mid 70s on the first day, then went up to the 80s. Night temps dropped into the low 50s. Humidity levels, however, were great except on Thursday, when temperature was in the low 80s (slightly lower than Wednesday), but humidity levels much higher. As a result, we found Thursday uncomfortable.

The point being, winter weather/temps can be much more dynamic and unpredictable. As a result, we had to pack clothes such that we might have needed to wear long pants and sweatshirts for part of a day, or even the whole day…yet, due to the warmer-than-usual weather, we ended up okay with shorts and T-shirts, throwing on hoodies after the sun set.