October trip

Hi everyone! Hope this thread finds everyone healthy! I once again need advice- we had a trip planned for next week😫 but decided to push it back because of the Labor Day crowds. Now we’re going October 13-17. Do y’all think crowds will still be ok? I’m sorry worried they are going to start opening up to more people. I know that will be a good thing when they do and I’m being selfish for wanting short lines but I’m high risk so I just don’t want to spend money to feel super uncomfortable. What’s everyone’s thoughts? Thanks so much! Take care!

I guess I’m trying to make myself feel better that if we would have gone next week it would be no crowds and now that we’ve waited it’s going to be much more crowded.

I think regardless of the crowds, you will be ok. There will be fewer people if international travelers, and multiple states cannot visit?

That being said, that week in October is a long weekend for many people. I think you would have the same issue as this week?

That’s what I was thinking too but after talking to several cast members they told me that Columbus’ day isn’t as big as Labor Day? And that most people will be gone by Wednesday? But I guess we would have to worry about another outbreak possibly. I’m at a loss🤦🏼‍♀️

Has anyone ever traveled the week of Columbus Day?

The weather will probably be more pleasant in a month. Regarding another outbreak I wouldn’t be worried about WDW shutting down again so if you are comfortable going now then I would think the risk in a month will be about the same.

We have traveled the week of Columbus Day many times (my kids have always had a week long fall break). It used to be a great time to go, but over recent years it has become quite busy (that hasn’t stopped us from going though). We are still going this year and I expect it won’t be as crowded.

Pre Covid—. We were going to go after Columbus Day so I asked about this. The consensus seemed the further away from Columbus Day you got the better the crowds will be. We ended up booking for the week after, the 21-?. Now cancelled :frowning: I think it’s all unknown now with park caps and what not…

No one really knows how COVID will impact the crowds but in a pre-COVID world the last few years it has been a little crowded (not President’s week crowded) over Labor Day weekend, but everyone leaves around mid-day on Monday and the rest of the week is very low crowds? More people stay around in October.

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I think that fall 2020 is pretty much anybody’s guess at this point! I have heard a lot of stories of cancelled fall breaks, so there could be fewer crowds on Columbus Day. I know that my husband doesn’t get the day off. But at the same time, with the all-remote learning scenarios, maybe more parents will “pull” their kids out.

For what it’s worth, we are going the week after since my kids aren’t in school yet because I love that time of year!

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We ended up cancelling our October trip.

Disney just released a bunch of discounts and opened more restaurants, so I think they are trying to drive more crowds.

They’ll probably be increasing daily capacity soon, so there will be more people, lines will be longer, and I suspect enforcement of COVID practices gets harder as more people are in the park.

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