October Trip Planning

We have been planning a trip for the October for nearly a year and fingers crossed, everything will be up and running. My 6-month dining window is coming up soon though and while I am normally quite a planner, I have found very limited information and details available. I am sympathetic that the organization is struggling as we all are but that still doesn’t change that I want to be able to plan for the best trip possible (especially as it appears the crowd levels will be higher than ever). Has anyone heard any rumors on dates for Early Morning Magic tickets (not Extra Magic Hours) or After Dark events?

We went to one of the “parties” (Christmas Party/Halloween Party) and it wasn’t for us so I’m not looking for any tips on those.

For those of you planning for later in the year, how are you preparing?

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I am also planning an Oct 2020 trip (last week of October). As far as I know, they don’t have after hour events at MK in October because of all the Halloween Parties in October. Not sure about Early Morning Magic.

I am now also planning October 2020. There are no AH’s for MK during party seasons due to the parties. And honestly, the parties are are the reason I typically skip the fall as they cause a major scheduling issue with MK, but I’ll have to deal with it due to May probably being cancelled. As far as AK, AH’s may show up, but they get announced at various times of year for the various seasons. The early morning magic may not show up for you until your 180 days. But we are in unprecedented times, so who knows.

We did the EMM in 2018. It was in May, so not October, but hopefully the same. My son and I followed the suggested plan from here:

  • Be there 30 mins early (we were first two to board 7DMT that day)
  • Ride what you can like crazy (we got in 11 7DMT runs plus Pooh)
  • Be ready for rope drop with a head start on your favorite non-EMM ride (BTMR for us) right at park official opening
  • Then go stuff yourself silly on the unlimited breakfast for the hour after park opening.

My DW thought we were crazy, but my son and I thought it was the best insane indulgence ever! There were a few “consequences” that caught up with us later in the day, but we’d do it again without hesitation.

Never been to an after hours event (those didn’t exist then I belive), but since we’re early birds anyway, EMM was more our style. Nothing but good things to say about it and recommend it entirely. Just a bit painful on cost is all, but that pain subsided faster than the memories of the event. My DW still shakes her head when my son and I bring it up.


Welcome to Disney planning!! Please make your ADR selections at 180 days, but don’t expect us to have all the hours, events, etc. planned by then. :angry: Unfortunately, this is a problem not just during this pandemic, but always. Sometimes they have the schedules out for dessert parties at 180 days, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they have the dates for EMM released by 180 days, sometimes they don’t. And so on and so forth. My best advice would be to look at what happened in 2018. 2019 was an anomaly with all the EEMH because of SWGE. But, keep in mind, 2020 may also end up looking nothing like 2018. Sorry.

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We are also going in October (couple more days for us till ADRs!) and I think the best you can do is look at the most likely dates for EMM and plan your MK days around there. That is my plan at least! We are doing MK on a Tuesday and that way if they (very hopefully) offer EMM then we can do it!

Thanks everyone. The one year history on EMM is inconsistent with the days it is offered. Last year when we visited I successfully guessed based on consistent history but am more concerned this time around. It sounds like the Toy Story land EMM situation in HS is also evolving with Galaxy’s Edge tweaks they continue to make. And I am not sure how the MNSSHP affects EMM.

Agree it is frustrating that we are trying to pick park days for reservations at 180 days but schedules often aren’t released by then.

Remember that there are very few ADRs that you can’t find later as your plans firm up. Especially with the TP reservation finder. I’m planning just this week for a June backup trip (that I know is pretty unlikely to happen) and have all the reservations I want, now just optimizing the times.

ADRs are fine to be the roughest of rough drafts of your plans. You can tweak as other events get announced.

So I know that Toy Story EMM is obviously in doubt (I wouldn’t hold my breath on it reopening, personally) but the MK days have consistently been Sunday and Tuesday, haven’t they? And while they didn’t offer it last year during MNSSHP due to the EEMH, they offered it during MVMCP and it was unaffected.

I believe MK sometimes has EMM on Thursday’s as well depending on the time of year.

I’m also planning for a October! And boy is it rough after having a perfect trip planned for next week. Anyways I’m trying to create just as great of a trip for October. The party is messing with my plans. Young kids so won’t attend. Im also hoping for an EMM morning. We were really excited about that for our April trip.

There are so many unknowns, including is it really even going to happen??

I’ll probably over plan my ADRs so as it gets closer I’ll have some options.

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I have a June trip that I’m assuming will be cancelled. I like to think I’m pretty good at this planning business by now and it would have been a great trip. Oddly, I’m now hoping it will be cancelled, as I’ll get a big wodge of cash back, including from the airline, which won’t happen if I cancel as the flights are non-refundable.

I also had an October trip booked that is now this year’s Big Trip. I’ve planned it as if everything will be as normal, though I doubt they will be. I know what ADRs I’m shooting for. I’ve scheduled my days so that HS and EP are at the end of the trip to help me get the primo FPPs (Ratatouille, MMRR). I’m staying on property so will have the 60 day advantage.

Forgot Ratatouille would be opened! Man this trip is complicated…