October or Late November/Early December 2023?

Looking to possibly head back to WDW (solo trip) either October or late November (after Thanksgiving) into early December 2023. I’ve been in September/October several times & LOVE LOVE MNSSHP & the Food & Wine Festival, but am wondering if I should give late November/early December a try as I haven’t been during the holidays in quite a few years. Which is a better time to go? Is it less crowded in October than in late November/early December? Would probably skip MVMCP, as I really was not impressed the last time I went, but would do CP a few times. Are the food booths at the F&WF better than what is offered during the Holidays at EPCOT? Does anyone know if the construction around Spaceship Earth will be done by then or should I just wait until 2024?

  • October
  • Late November (after Thanksgiving)
  • Early December

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I’ve been all those times and early December gets my vote. October is still hot and very crowded with fall break. December is cooler temperature wise. Early December ensures that resorts and all the parks are decorated for Christmas. December is my favorite time to go. Compared food booths from food and wine versus the Holiday booths, I’d say food is same quality but not as many choices as F&W. Holiday booths tend to have Holiday themed food, drinks, and desserts.


We were in WDW last week. I thought the crowds would be reasonable since Columbus Day weekend was over, but I was wrong. Crowds were far heavier than I had experienced in previous Octobers.

It will be interesting to see what this November and early December looks like for crowds. I am also deciding when to plan a fall/winter 2023 trip.


I have yet to visit in October and the recent crowds scare me! I’ve been in very tail end of Nov, early December and it’s a wonderful time to visit. The holiday decor is up, the weather is tolerable, crowds are moderate and the holiday food at Epcot is a plus. I was hoping to get to F&W this year but it’s a no go so I can not compare for you. My vote is for this time of year, especially if you haven’t been.

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