October 21st - MNSSHP

Hi all - new to DLR forums, have been over on the WDW chat for a little while now. I have a question about MNSSHP dates. According to Touring Plans info for October 21st, MNSSHP is scheduled and thus the park closes early. According to DLR’s own website, in the ticketing section, there is not a MNSSHP scheduled for October 21st, but on the 20th and 22nd. Does anyone happen to know which is accurate - or if this has been asked? I apologize if it is a redundant question. We are trying to avoid MNSSHP :smile:

Hello! On the DL website, it says tickets not available yet so not sure where you got their dates. TP’s schedule is predicted from late year’s dates since DL releases their calendar about 6-7 weeks in advance. They normally announce party dates early July so you’ll have your answer soon. :grinning:

Well then I have no idea what I was looking at - how embarrassing! :confused: