October 2021

I am planning a late October 2021 Disney World trip. With the 50th Anniversary celebration scheduled for October should I be concerned about a significant increase in crowds.


Welcome! I have no idea about the crowds, but had to check out the thread because I couldn’t believe someone was planning 10 years in advance! But now I see it’s a typo. I would leave it, however, as it may get people to check in. :wink:

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opps. Ya, obviously meant 2021.

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I have a tripped planned for October 2021. Between the 50th anniversary and what I expect to be an increase in demand after many people are vaccinated, I am expecting big crowds (not Christmas time crowds but heavier than past Octobers). That said, there is so much uncertainty this year that I don’t have a lot of confidence in my opinion. I am planning for heavy crowds and will be pleasantly surprised if the crowds are lighter.

Welcome! This is the place where you will get the best answers for most of your questions, in my experience at least. Don’t hesitate to ask anything, big or small.

That being said, I wouldn’t believe anyone’s crowd predictions that far out. There are just too many variables and uncertainties with COVID and how Disney will adjust/adapt. Will they extend hours? Will there be Halloween parties? Fireworks? Fastpass? New rides opening (GotG/Tron)? The list goes on and on, and many will affect crowds and/or crowd distribution within the parks.

To more directly answer your question though, I would be concerned about crowds for your trip. You are in good company though, @davej will be there and I’m planning to come the first week of November.


They have evolved to the final form of Linerhood


One thing I’d point out is that Magic Kingdom reservations are already booked out for October 1st (the official 50th anniversary) for all three pass types. They could add more or reshuffle later, but at the very least, this is an indication that the crowds will be there in force to celebrate.

I suspect many / most of these visitors will be local coming just for the day, including bloggers / vloggers. So hopefully the other parks won’t be as bad, and MK should be better any day other than the 1st. But as others have pointed out, the 50th is more than just a one-day event, and with Covid conditions hopefully improving, who knows how busy it could be.


Haven’t the GotG and Tron openings officially been moved to 2022? Or is that not firm yet?

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Presumed but not officially announced.

We’re hoping for a trip in Nov and crossing our fingers for the return of fireworks and fp without insane crowd levels. But I’m not letting myself make any concrete plans right now. My brain can’t wrap itself around all the possibilities of what it might actually look like. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m booked for Oct 24-31. I’m not worried about crowds as I think most of the 50th anniversary ‘die hards’ will have already left.

I really hope it’s much more like a typical October and no capacity restrictions. Crowds means things are back to normal. Fingers crossed.