October 2019 FF+ Availability

I’ve been following October 2019 FP availability and it seems like there is significantly less availability at 60-64 days out for many of the tougher attractions than in prior months of 2019. It makes me think that October may be very, very busy at WDW.

Anyone else see this FP+ pattern too?

following where?

The Dibb website that others have posted about.

oh okay - I do check there, but didn’t really notice there were fewer for October than earlier months

It seems that way to me. Today TSMM has no AM availability at 60 days out which I don’t recall seeing before. And FOP, SDD and 7DMT overall seem to have much less availability at 60 through 60+4 than I have seen.

I was curious if others have noticed this too. Also, I am curious as to how people booking October FP have faired.

I must be looking at the wrong thing. I see TSM available at day 60 for 4, albeit afternoon

Well we are 60 days out from Columbus Day weekend right now, so I’m guessing that is probably the cause!

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aha - good thinking. I’ll bet that is it

I have a trip for 9/28 to 10/4, and I couldn’t get FoP until 60+5 and SDD until 60+6! And SDD was only available for that day in the afternoon.

I have a shorter trip at the end of this month (5 days) and couldnt get FoP at all. Managed to get SDD 60+4.

I’m not sure what is going on, but I didn’t have this much trouble for trips in the Winter/Spring of this year.

I had a harder time for my trip 8/21-8/26. I usually do 4-5 day trips and are able to get things like FOP on the morning of 60+3 or 60+4, but only afternoon of 60+5 this time. And no SDD for our last day. No morning for 7DMT on 60+2 for that one and I don’t remember having that issue before either - we usually do MK on the second day. Those were the only ones I had issues with.

Specifically for these dates I think Disney didn’t have FPs available for some times of day. There were a bunch of 7dmt and fop for before 9am and after 6pm that looked like they were released later (see Earliest FP during Fall 2019 early opens )

I’ve been following for a couple of months (my FP day is next week). The only ones where I noticed a sustained difference was at HS. Just a hunch, but I think that when they changed the tier system they pulled back on SDD FPs (and maybe all of TSL) because there are more options now in Tier 1.

The explanation about Columbus Day makes a lot of sense too!

I was able to get everything we wanted for our trip starting 10/5, but 7DMT, SDD, and FOP were 60+4, 60+5, and 60+6, respectively, so I wasn’t trying too early in the week. SDD at 60+5 was the first I tried and earliest time was 11:10am (for 4). A few minutes later it was around 3pm and I believe by the end of the day they were gone.