October 2017 Hours

I noticed that the hours for the parks during October 2017 have changed on TP, and many of them are listed as not being open as long as their original estimate.

For example, on October 7 MK was listed as 8:00 am to midnight, but now it is listed as 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. What are the chances that the hours will actually be changed by WDW to match what TP had originally estimated? (I mean, there must be a reason why TP estimated them the way they did.)

I cannot answer, but noted also that the Night Showtimes are still missing from October? ie no Happily Every After times :frowning: :confused:

I hope they will add those too. :worried: We won’t be attending MNSSHP, and what’s a visit to MK without fireworks?

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