Oct - Nov Memory Maker Share

Looking to join or host a Oct 1 - Nov 1 memory maker share. Would like to have six more join my group and the cost would be approx $25 per individual. I’ve managed shares in the past. If you have a Fall trip planned, message me to join. Will also be creating a October 2019 Facebook group to join.

Liner October 2019 share group info

Come join us!


Looking for a share
Just requested to join your facebook group!

I just requested to join your FB Group. We are going 10/10-10/14. I’d love to join the group if there is room.

I also requested to join the FB group, and I would love to be a part of your Memory Maker Share group if there is room (October 9-11 and only need one person’s band connected). Thanks!

Sorry, didn’t mean to delete my post, I was just expressing interest in joining a MM share for October, and I’ve been a lurker on chat for years, but am just now learning how to use the forum!