Ocean/gulf beach ideas

We are going to take a day off and wanted to go to a beach with waves. Either the gulf or Atlantic. There are so many to choose from. Anyone have a good recommendation?

Gulf side beaches are nicer than Atlantic side. Although Dayton beach can be ok. I prefer gulf coast

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I like Ormond Beach on the Atlantic side or Sunset Beach at Tarpon Springs on the Gulf side.

Depending on when you’re going, you may also want to be research predicted red tide dates - it closes some gulf side beaches each year.


I hadn’t even thought of that! Thanks!

I concur on the gulf side beaches being nicer, white sand and the water is warmer, but not sure exactly what type of waves you want to see.

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Yes, look for this first. It’s been a bad season!

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Yep, here on the west coast, red tide is an issue at Pinellas beaches, south thru Sarasota